Macon, Georgia — We conclude Hypesouth’s 2023 Camp Series with an in-depth look at the Up Next Developmental Expo, our middle school event focusing on up and coming sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Here’s a look at Team Up Next.

(38) Takeo Gray, 2029, Gray Station MS
Hypesouth Up Next 7th Grader

Gray is an alpha-dog that went at everyone in sight. He made good on timely baskets and was excellent setting teammates up for threes on drive & kicks or drop-offs on the interior.


(6) Elijah Hanson, 2028, Miller MS
Hypesouth Up Next 8th Grader

Hanson was a physical force that was at his best in the paint, but showed flashes on the perimeter. At 6-foot-4, he is already ahead of the curve in terms of size and strength. Individual and game reps will be key pieces to his progression puzzle moving forward.


(9) Jarvis Williams, 2028, Miller MS
Camp Standout

Williams displayed unlimited range from beyond the arc and was unstoppable offensively once he made his mind up. He can score in bunches and will be a force to be reckoned with when the light comes all the way on.

Up Next Developmental Expo

(14) Cayden Pacheco, 2030, Mossy Creek MS
Camp Standout

Tough, fearless competitor that embraced every challenge thrown his way. We were impressed with his competitive edge despite being one of the smallest in attendance. He did not make many mistakes and was in full control with the ball in his hands.

Up Next Developmental Expo

(11) Zorian Willis, 2030, Miller MS

If there was one thing to note about Willis it was his ability letting the game find him. He understood his role and was productive as a result. This kid is the type of player that will help a team get over the hump.

Up Next Developmental Expo

(24) Christian Mitchell, 2030, Howard MS

Mitchell is a fundamentally sound player with decent size and soft touch. He handled the ball well in the open court, hit open 15-footers, and was effective on second chance opportunities.

Up Next Developmental Expo

(18) Jahlil Mullen, 2029, Clifton Ridge MS

An agitating defender that got a lot of steals and easy breakaway baskets. Mullen also demonstrated poise and leadership from the one-position.

Up Next Developmental Expo