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Welcome to Hypesouth Media’s newest feature, “The Score.” We will be highlighting prep basketball players and programs throughout the Middle Georgia region including final scores, individual standouts, weekly awards, team rankings & much more.


FEB. 4, 2019

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

2018-19 Final Regular Season
(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (23-1) Region 2-AAAA No.1 seed

2. Central-Macon (20-5) Region 4-AAA No.1 seed

3. Northeast-Macon (19-5) Region 3-AA No.1 seed

4. Westside-Macon (20-5) Region 4-AAA No.2 seed

5. Warner Robins (19-6) Region 1-AAAAA No.1 seed

6. Washington County (18-6) Region 3-AA No.2 seed

7. Hancock Central (20-4) Region 7-A West No.1 seed

8. Wilcox County (21-2) Region 2-A No.1 seed

9.  Wilkinson County (16-9) Region 7-A East No.1 seed

10. Baldwin (15-9) Region 3-AAAA No.1 seed

On the bubble:

Jones County, Houston County, Veterans, Bleckley, Macon County, Stratford

JAN. 28, 2019

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (19-1)

2. Northeast-Macon (18-4)

3. Westside-Macon (18-5)

4. Central-Macon (18-5)

5. Washington County (17-5)

6. Wilcox (18-2)

7.  Hancock Central (16-4)

8. Warner Robins (18-6)

9.  Jones County (16-7)

10. Wilkinson County (14-9)

On the bubble:

Baldwin, Houston County, GMC, Veterans, Macon County, Bleckley

JAN. 21, 2019

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (19-1)

2. Northeast-Macon (18-3)

3. Westside-Macon (15-5)

4. Central-Macon (15-5)

5. Hancock Central (16-3)

6. Wilcox (17-2)

7.  Warner Robins (16-5)

8. Washington County (14-5)

9.  Houston County (14-5)

10. Baldwin (13-7)

On the bubble:

Wilkinson County, Jones County, GMC, Veterans, Macon County, Bleckley

JAN. 14, 2019

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (16-1)

2. Central-Macon (14-3)

3. Northeast-Macon (14-3)

4. Westside-Macon (13-5)

5. Warner Robins (12-4)

6. Hancock Central (13-3)

7. Jones County (14-6)

8. Wilcox (16-1)

9.  Baldwin (11-6)

10. Washington County (11-5)

On the bubble:

Houston County, GMC, Veterans, Macon County, Howard, Bleckley

JAN. 7, 2019

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (13-1)

2. Jones County (12-4)

3. Central-Macon (12-3)

4. Northeast-Macon (12-2)

5. Westside-Macon (11-4)

6. Warner Robins (11-4)

7. Hancock Central (10-3)

8. Houston County (11-5)

9.  Wilcox (13-1)

10. Baldwin (9-5)

On the bubble:

Washington County, Veterans, Bleckley, GMC, Macon County, Rutland,

DEC. 31, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (12-1)

2. Jones County (12-3)

3. Central-Macon (11-3)

4. Northeast-Macon (10-2)

5. Warner Robins (9-3)

6. Westside-Macon (10-4)

7. Baldwin (8-4)

8. Hancock Central (8-3)

9.  Houston County (10-3)

10. Wilcox (11-1)

On the bubble:

Bleckley, Washington County, Macon County, GMC, Veterans, Rutland,

DEC. 24, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (12-1)

2. Jones County (12-3)

3. Baldwin (7-2)

4. Central-Macon (8-2)

5. Warner Robins (7-2)

6. Northeast-Macon (9-2)

7. Hancock Central (8-2)

8. Westside-Macon (8-3)

9. Houston County (10-3)

10. Wilcox County (11-0)

On the bubble:

Bleckley, GMC, Macon County, Veterans, Rutland, Washington County

DEC. 17, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (9-0)

2. Central-Macon (6-1)

3. Baldwin (6-2)

4. Northeast-Macon (8-2)

5. Hancock Central (8-2)

6. Jones County (9-2)

7. Warner Robins (5-2)

8. Washington County (5-1)

9. Bleckley County (9-2)

10. Westside-Macon (7-3)

On the bubble:

Wilcox, GMC, Macon County, Veterans, Rutland, Houston County

DEC. 14, 2018

Friday Spin w/@HypesouthMedia

Different season same results

Reigning GHSA 5A state champions, Warner Robins, continues its winning ways jumping out to a 5-0 start. Taking pride in their “next man up” approach, The Demons have turned the keys over to Keshun Houser and Jacobi Coleman who have picked up right where their predecessors left off. Houser, known for his highlight-reel dunks, has displayed tremendous improvement in his overall development from the point guard position averaging 14-points, 5-rebounds, 3.3-assists, and 2.7-steals per game. Coleman, a 6-foot-4 wing that played reserve minutes last season has not missed a beat as a full-time starter this year throwing in 13.8-points and 9-rebounds per contest. After making deep playoff runs over the last five years, expect Warner Robins to be in the discussion as usual come state tourney time.

Upson Lee holds the Georgia High School Association’s longest active win streak (71) and are back-to-back 4A state champions. After the departure of current UGA freshman, Tye Fagan, most fans were unsure if the Knights could keep the streak going. No worries, Zyrice Scott and Travon Walker have held down the fort flawlessly (8-0) in Fagan’s absence. This Saturday – December 15, 2018, Upson Lee will do battle against back-to-back GHSA 6A state champs Langston Hughes at the Hawks-Naismith Classic. Will the Knights keep it going? Stay tuned!

Middle Georgia’s 2021 class is as good as advertised

Prior to the season, we mentioned the depth of talent in the 2021 mid-state class in our preseason player rankings and they have not disappointed. There are quality prospects at every position that college coaches should be salivating over and buzzing in on. Below, we examine a few notable area sophomores.

6’4″ Combo Guard Javian Mosley (Westside-Macon)
2018-19 avgs: 19.4ppg 7rpg 2.6apg 2.4spg

Best game: 29 points, 10 rebounds

November 27, 2018 vs. Mary Persons

6’7″ Combo-Forward BJ Wright (Perry)
2018-19 avgs: 16ppg 7.6rpg 3.4apg

Best game: 20 points, 21 rebounds

December 1, 2018 vs. Bleckley

6’6″ Power Forward Quay Primas (Central-Macon)
2018-19 avgs: 18.4ppg, 11.7rpg

Best game: 24 points, 19 rebounds

December 7, 2018 vs. Westside-Macon

6’4″ Combo Guard Kowacie Reeves Jr. (Westside-Macon)
2018-19 avgs: 20.5ppg, 3.5rpg, 1.6spg

Best game: 40 points, 4 steals, 2 rebounds

December 8, 2018 vs. Howard

Offer(s): Florida

Fabulous freshmen watch

While there are a few Middle Georgia ninth graders getting valuable minutes, none have looked more varsity ready than Veterans High School combo guard TJ Grant and Northeast-Macon point guard Travion Solomon. Grant is pumping in 11-points, 7.1-rebounds, 3.6-blocks, and 2.4-assists per game, while Solomon has made the most of his time chipping in 4-points and 2-assists a game coming off the bench.

DEC. 10, 2018

Warner Robins 59 vs. Wilkinson County 50

Keshun Houser 15p 5r

Jacobi Coleman 14p

Quon Dillard 10p

Trevon Williams 8p


Jacob Crockett 13p

Jalen Lamar 9p

Christian Lamar 9p

Tattnall 39 vs. Union Grove 45

Jamil Stanley 14p 9r

Paul Kelley 10p

DEC. 10, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (8-0)

2. Warner Robins (4-0)

3. Washington County (4-0)

4. Central-Macon (3-1)

5. Northeast-Macon (6-2)

6. Bleckley County (7-1)

7. Westside-Macon (5-2)

8. Baldwin (4-2)

9. Macon County (4-0)

10. Wilcox County (7-0)

On the bubble:

GMC, Hancock Central, Wilkinson County, Jones County, Veterans, Rutland

DEC. 8, 2018

Veterans 53 vs. West Laurens 51

Rodney James 16p 3r

DeAngelo Hines 9p 2a 2s

Julius Herrington 8p 2r

Horace Johnson 7p 3r

TJ Grant 6p 3r 3a 3s

Westside-Macon 69 vs. Howard 59

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 40p 2r 2a

Javian Mosley 20p 5r 3a

Des Foston 9p 11r 5a


Collin Tarver 24p

Baldwin 67 vs. Hancock Central 61

Justin Webb 20p 7r

William Freeman 17p

Jermyus Simmons 11p

Torez Hicks 10p

Stratford Academy 74 vs. George Walton 57

Devin Butts 28p

K. Thompson 16p

Christian Palmer 9p

Northeast-Macon 63 vs. Southwest-Macon 54

Darius Dunn 16p

Cam Cherry 15p

Ty’Ree Gilbert 9p

Travion Solomon 8p


Darrell Gordon 12p 2r

Kenzavious Coates 11p

TK Hopkins 9p 3a 5s

Wilkinson County 61 vs. Central-Macon 50
Jones County 63 vs. Mary Persons 55

Bryson Wooten 13p 3s

Jameson Bryant 10p 8r

Marquise Jackson 9p

Chavis Mathis 8p 5r

Tre Dean 8p 5r


D. Williams 19p

Dee Morton 13p

Mount de Sales 42 vs. Social Circle 44

Maxwell Meminger 17p


Kentavious Reynolds 14p

Macon County 67 vs. Brookstone 36

Lakeviyon Walker 14p 5r 2s

Shomari Gaines 13p 7r 5a 2s 2b

DEC. 7, 2018

Hancock Central 62 vs. Wilkinson County 58
Central-Macon 61 vs. Westside-Macon 55

Quay Primas 24p 19r

Tony Card 15p 7r 4s


Des Foston 22p

Javian Mosley 15p

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 10p

Jones County 62 vs. Eagle’s Landing 64

Marquise Jackson 14p

Jameson Bryant 13p

Tre Dean 12p 4r 4a

Bryson Wooten 11p 6r 5a

Chavis Mathis 10p 11r 3b


K. Thrasher 21p

C. Hood 11p

Tattnall 29 vs. Eagles Landing Christian Academy 62
Warner Robins 62 vs. Houston County 51

Jacobi Coleman 17p 9r

Keshun Houser 16p 5r 3s

Trevon Williams 13p 7r

DJ Sturn 11p 6r 2s


Charles Brown 13p

HB Morgan 12p


Mount de Sales 57 vs. Lamar County 63

Kobe Sewell 23p


Trevion Rogers 14p

Upson Lee 100 vs. Perry 55

Zyrice Scott 31p 7a 3s

Jarrett Adderton 25p 5r 5s 3a

Travon Walker 18p 12r

Washington County 75 vs. Johnson County 13

Kennan Gilmore 10p 4a 4s

Ivory Williams 7p

Kejuan Bloodsaw 7p

Zeri Taylor 7p

Malik Wiggins 6p 3a

Keith Foster 4p 11r

Northeast-Macon 58 vs. Dodge County 52

Darius Dunn 19p 5r 2a 3s

Cam Cherry 13p 5r 2a 2s

Ty’Ree Gilbert 7p 8r 6a 2s

Kendall Green 6p

Reggie Williams 6p

Veterans 62 vs. Lee County 56

TJ Grant 15p 8r 3a

Rodney James 14p 4r 5a

DeAngelo Hines 10p 2r 2a

Julius Herrington 8p 3r 2s

DEC. 7, 2018

Notable Matchups – Middle Georgia

3A No.8 Westside-Macon (4-1) vs. 3A No.10 Central-Macon (2-0)

*Rivalry Game*



Javian Mosley 20ppg, 7rpg, 2.8apg, 2spg

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 19.8ppg, 3.4rpg,1.4apg, 1.6spg

Des Foston 16.8ppg, 7.8rpg, 5.6apg, 2.6spg


Quay Primas 16.1ppg, 12rpg

Tony Card 13ppg, 5.7rpg, 2.1spg

Tyre Pearson 12.1ppg, 7.1rpg

5A No.8 Warner Robins (3-0)  vs. Houston County (3-2)

*Rivalry Game*



Keshun Houser 12ppg, 4.3rpg, 2.2spg

Jacobi Coleman 10ppg, 7.1rpg, 3.1spg


Charles Brown 13.3ppg, 2.7rpg, 2apg, 2.3spg

Austin Sloan 11.3ppg, 9.7rpg

TJ Morgan 9.3ppg, 4rpg, 2.7spg

4A No.1 Upson-Lee (6-0) vs. Perry (1-3)



Zyrice Scott 19.1ppg, 7.3apg, 2.8spg

Travon Walker 17.9ppg, 11rpg, 2bpg

Jarrett Adderton 12.3ppg, 4rpg, 2.3spg


BJ Wright 17.3ppg 8.5rpg

Rontrell Harrell 16.5ppg, 6.5rpg, 2apg 1.5spg

Ridley Tyler 10.3ppg, 5rpg

Other key matchups
Jones County vs. Eagle’s Landing
2A No.9 Northeast Macon vs. Dodge County
A-Public No.1 Wilkinson County @ Hancock-Central
2A No.8 Bleckley vs. Dublin
2A No.3 Washington County vs. Johnson County

DEC. 4, 2018

Baldwin 66 vs. Northside-WR 50

Justin Webb 17p 12r

Jermyus Simmons 16p

Torez Hicks 11p

William Freeman 11p

Upson Lee 73 vs. Howard 27

Zyrice Scott 19p 5r 7s

Travon Walker 18p 10r 2b

Jarrett Adderton 18p 5a 5s 3r

Northeast-Macon 54 vs. Bleckley County 42

Cam Cherry 19p

Ty’Ree Gilbert 14p

Darius Dunn 8p


Nykeem Farrow 24p

Macon County 80 vs. Hawkinsville 46

Lakeviyon Walker 18p 8r

Shomari Gaines 13p 7a 5r 4s

Makevion Bonner 12p 9r 4a 3s

Tattnall 60 vs. Locust Grove 47

Jamil Stanley 10p 10r 7a 3b

Kaden Toth 16p 3r 3a

Cole Rowland 12p 4r

Houston County 58 vs. Veterans 54

Austin Sloan 15p

TJ Morgan 10p

Xavier Duncan 11p 7r 3s

Charles Brown 9p


Julius Herrington 14p

Rodney James 12p

DeAngelo Hines 11p

Central-Macon 61 vs. Peach County 38

Quay 20p 17r

Tyre Pearson 15p 5r

Harold Thompkins 11p 8r

Tony Card 14p 7r 4a 2s

Cam Collier 5p 11a

Stratford Academy 74 vs. Elite Scholars 51

Devin butts 29p 8r 3s

Christian Palmer 21p

Rutland 86 vs. Jackson 75

Jordan Stephens 36p 7r 6s 4a

JaMarco Hughes 13p 3s 6r 6a

Greg Rutherford 11p 5r

Jones County 65 vs. Monticello 51

Marquise Jackson 16p

Bryson Wooten 12p

Jameson Bryant 12p 9r

Chavis Mathis 9p 9r

Tre Dean 9p 3s


J. Fleetwood 19p

K. Maddox 8p

Dublin 84 vs. East Laurens 39
Mount de Sales 71 vs. Strong Rock Christian 57

Top Scorers – Dec. 4th

  1. Jordan Stephens (Rutland) 36pts
  2. Kowacie Reeves Jr. (Westside-Macon) 31pts
  3. Devin Butts (Stratford Academy) 29pts
  4. Christian Palmer (Stratford) 21pts
  5. Quay Primas (Central-Macon) 20pts
  6. Zyrice Scott (Upson Lee) 19pts
  7. Travon Walker (Upson Lee) 18pts
  8. Jarrett Adderton (Upson Lee) 18pts
  9. Justin Webb (Baldwin) 17pts
  10. Jermyus Simmons (Baldwin) 16pts
  11. Kaden Toth (Tattnall) 16pts

DEC. 3, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (5-0)

2. Warner Robins (3-0)

3. Washington County (2-0)

4. Bleckley County (5-0)

5. Westside-Macon (3-1)

6. Central-Macon (1-0)

7. Northeast-Macon (3-2)

8. Wilkinson County (0-1)

9. Wilcox County (4-0)

10. Baldwin (2-2)

On the bubble:

GMC, Howard, Jones County, Macon County, Rutland, Veterans

DEC. 1, 2018

Southwest-Macon 50 vs. Dodge County 47
Stratford Academy 58 vs. Kings Ridge 72

Devin Butts 34p

Christian Palmer 13p

Rutland 77 vs. Howard 61

Jordan Stephens 19p 5r 8s

Jamarcus Hughes 20p

Marquavious Wheeler 20p

Washington County 69 vs. Baldwin 53

Jarden Maze 16p 4r

Jamarius Dixon 12p 10r

Kejuan Bloodsaw 10p 3a

Jawan Dukes 9p 5r

Warner Robins 55 vs. Jones County 38

Keshun Houser 11p 7r 3s

Jacobi Coleman 9p 10r 2s

Quon Dillard 9p 4r


Jameson Bryant 11p 6r

Chavis Mathis 8p 9r

Bryson Wooten 6p 5r

Westside-Macon 72 vs. Northside-WR 47

Javian Mosley 27p 9r

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 24p 3r 2a 2s

Zaylon Carey 11p

Bleckley County 64 vs. Perry 56

Nykeem Farrow 26p 9r 7a 5s

Mekell Farrow 15p 3r 3a 2s

Shontavian Manuel 10p 16r


BJ Wright 21p 20r

Rontrell Harrell 18p 9r

Veterans 57 vs. West Laurens 51

TJ Grant 14p 12r 3a

DeAngelo Hines 12p 2a

Julius Herrington 11p 4r 2s


Alex Demmons 14p

Tory Williams 11p

Top Scorers – Dec. 1st

  1. Devin Butts (Stratford) 34pts
  2. Javian Mosley (Westside-Macon) 27pts
  3. Nykeem Farrow (Bleckley County) 26pts
  4. Kowacie Reeves Jr. (Westside-Macon) 24pts
  5. BJ Wright (Perry) 21pts
  6. JaMarco Hughes (Rutland) 20pts
  7. Marquavious Wheeler (Rutland) 20pts
  8. Jordan Stephens (Rutland) 19pts
  9. Rontrell Harrell (Perry) 18pts
  10. Jarden Maze (Washington County) 16pts

NOV. 30, 2018

Middle GA October-November Recruiting Roundup:

(By: HypesouthMedia)


  • Houston County High School 6-foot-8 senior forward Austin Sloan was offered by Oglethorpe University, Lagrange College, and Maryville College.
  • Upson-Lee 2019 point guard Zyrice Scott visited Tuskegee.
  • Warner Robins 6-foot-4 senior guard Jacobi Coleman was offered by Fort Valley State.
  • Northeast-Macon senior guard Darius Dunn was offered by Columbia State Community College, and his teammate Kendall Green visited St. Andrews University #ProMovement.
  • Rutland High School 6-foot-4 senior guard Jordan Stephens picked up serious interest from Palm Beach Atlantic, Young Harris, Southwest Mississippi & Walters State #ProMovement.
  • Westside-Macon 6-foot-4 sophomore Javian Mosley heard from Troy and Charlotte, his backcourt mate, 6-foot-4 sophomore Kowacie Reeves Jr. received interest from Iowa State.
  • Baldwin 6-foot-8 senior Justin Webb garnered major attention and is being pursued by programs such as Albany St, Clayton St, Cleveland St, Edward Waters, Middle Georgia State, & Tuskegee #ProMovement.

NOV. 30, 2018

Jones County 61 vs Ola 52

Tre Dean 16p

Marquise Jackson 14p 5r 4s

Bryson Wooten 8p 6r 2a

Chavis Mathis 8p 9r


B. Robbins 25p

J. Porter 10p

Veterans 85 vs. Mary Person 82 OT

TJ Grant 25p 9r 2a

DeAngelo Hines 19p 2r 2a 3s

Rodney James 18p 3r 3a

Julius Herrington 10p 6r

Mount de Sales 46 vs. Social Circle 45

Maxwell Meminger 10p 10r

Upson Lee 75 vs. Monticello 24

Jarrett Adderton 18p

Travon Walker 16p

Zyrice Scott 12p

Jaylen Walker 12p

Central-Macon 58 vs. Northeast-Macon 57

Quay Primas 13p 7r

Cam Collier 11p 8r

Tyre Pearson 10p 10r

Tony Card 12p 6r 3s (game winner)


Darius Dunn 31p

Ty’Ree Gilbert 12p

Bleckley County 75 vs. Westside-Macon 74 OT

Mykel Anderson 31p

Nykeem Farrow 25p


Javian Mosley 13p 9r

Rico Campbell 11p 12r

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 9p 4r

Dublin 99 vs. Twiggs County 52

Top Scorers – Nov. 30th

  1. Mykel Anderson (Bleckley) 31p
  2. Darius Dunn (NE-Macon) 31 p
  3. Nykeem Farrow (Bleckley) 25p
  4. TJ Grant (Veterans) 25p
  5. DeAngelo Hines (Veterans) 19p
  6. Jarrett Adderton (Upson Lee) 18p
  7. Rodney James (Veterans) 18p
  8. Travon Walker (Upson Lee) 16p
  9. Marquise Jackson (Jones County) 14p
  10. Quay Primas (Central-Macon) 13p

NOV. 29, 2018

Warner Robins 78 vs. Rutland 59

Keyshun Houser 13p

Quon Dillard 13p

Rashaun Tomlin 13p

Greg Jones 9p

Shamar Rouse 8p

Jacobi Coleman7p

Amari Burnett 6p


Jordan Stephens 17p 3s 2a

NOV. 27, 2018

Upson Lee 70 vs. Monticello 32

Zyrice Scott 23p 11a

Westside-Macon 88 vs. Mary Persons 61

Javian Mosley 29p 5r 2s

Des Foston 19p 9r 4a 3s

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 17p 2r

Rico Campbell 7p 6r

Northeast-Macon 93 vs. Wilkinson County 90

Ty’Ree Gilbert 33p

Cam Cherry 31p


Jalen Lamar 28p 4r

Jacob Crockett 21p 6r

Christian Lamar 11p 7r

Rutland 91 vs. Crawford County 63

Jordan Stephens 22p 10r 5a 5s

Baldwin 64 vs. Dublin 43

William Freeman 12p

Donte Justice 12p

Justin Webb 9p

Jermyus Simmons 9p

Howard 56 vs. FPD 40

Collin Tarver 12p

Leon Pitts 12p

Kelvin Burrell 8p

Tremaine Reeves 7p


Charles Smith 9p

Jordan Jones 5p

Houston County 56 vs. Crisp County 54

Austin Sloan 12p

Charles Brown 11p

TJ Morgan 9p

Mount de Sales 36 vs. Brookstone 41

Matthew Daniel 14p 8r

Jones County 60 vs. Union Grove 44

Bryson Wooten 12p

Tre Dean 11p

Chavis Mathis 8p 6r 5s

Marquise Jackson 8p

Joe Jackson 7p

Tattnall 43 vs. Strong Rock Christian 35

Kaden Toth 15p

Paul Kelley 12p

Macon County 93 vs. Stewart County 72
Veterans 82 vs. Perry 79

Top Scorers – Nov. 27th

  1. Ty’Ree Gilbert (Northeast-Macon) 33pts
  2. Cam Cherry (Northeast-Macon) 31pts
  3. Javian Mosley (Westside-Macon) 29pts
  4. Jalen Lamar  (Wilkinson County) 28pts
  5. Zyrice Scott (Upson Lee) 23pts
  6. Jordan Stephens (Rutland) 22pts
  7. Jacob Crockett (Wilkinson County) 21pts
  8. Des Foston (Westside-Macon) 19pts
  9. Kowacie Reeves Jr. (Westside-Macon) 17pts
  10. Kaden Toth (Tattnall) 15pts

NOV. 26, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (2-0)

2. Wilkinson County (0-0)

3. Warner Robins (1-0)

4. Westside-Macon (1-0)

5. Washington County (0-0)

6. Baldwin (1-1)

7. Northeast-Macon (1-1)

8. Dublin (0-0)

9. Howard (2-0)

10. Macon County (0-0)

On the bubble:

GMC, Central-Macon, Jones County, Northside-WR, Perry, Wilcox

NOV. 24, 2018

Upson-Lee 73 vs. Lamar County 38

Zyrice Scott 21p 7a 3r

Travon Walker 20p 9r 2b

Jones County 62 vs. Monticello 25

Chavis Mathis 16p 9r

Tre Dean 14p

Chuck Pitts 10p

Marquis Jackson 9p

Bryson Wooten 5p

Baldwin 68 vs. Hancock 67

William Freeman 23p

Justin Webb 13p 10r

Jermyus Simmons 12p

Houston County 74 vs. Mary Persons 72

Charles Brown 21p

HB Morgan 10p

TJ Morgan 9p

Austin Sloan 7p


Dee Morton 26p

Dre Zellner 13p

Ty Bouie 13p

Brandon Hogan 11p


(By: @HypesouthMedia)

Saturday – November 24, 2018

3:30 pm

Northeast-Macon 71 vs. Rutland 50 Final

Darius Dunn 25p 5r 5s 6a

Ty’Ree Gilbert 8p 3r

Cam Cherry 6p

Kendall Green 5p 4a

Travion Solomon 5p


Jordan Stephens 20p 7r 3s 2a

JaMarco Hughes 9p 4s 3a

Full live in-game analysis, highlights, and statistics below ⬇

2A No.6 Northeast-Macon vs. Rutland

NOV. 23, 2018

Upson Lee 72 vs. Taylor County 43

NOV. 20, 2018

Houston County 56 vs. Discovery 59

Xavier Duncan 14p

Isaiah Harris 14p

HB Morgan 10p

Jones County 57 vs. Baldwin 52

Marquis Jackson 15p

Chuck Pitts 10p

Tre Dean 9p


William Freeman 22p

Jeremy Simmons 12p

Westside-Macon 97 vs. Pike County 52

Javian Mosley 20p 7r 2s

Des Foston 19p 5r 5a

Kowacie Reeves Jr. 18p 5r 4s

Zaylon Carey 14p 4r

Mount de Sales 54 vs. Providence Christian 23

Kobe Sewell 12p

Armond Drexler 12p


NOV. 19, 2018

Houston County 47 vs. Brookwood 62

HB Morgan 10p

TJ Morgan 9p

Charles Brown 9p

Mount de Sales 59 vs. Strong Rock Christian 34

Dexter Williams 19p

NOV. 17, 2018

 Griffin 52 vs. Veterans 46

TJ Grant 14p 6a 6r

DeAngelo Hines 11p 4s

Horace Johnson 10p 5r 4s

 Howard 80 vs. Twiggs County 59

Collin Tarver 19p 4s

Kelvin Burrell 15p 6r 2b

Leon Pitts 15p

Tyus Lunce 13p

Eric Scott 9p

 Warner Robins 52 vs. Northeast-Macon 49

Jacobi Coleman 13p 7r 4s

Keshun Houser 12p 4r 3s

Amari Burnett 6p 3r


Darius Dunn 15p 4s

Perry 81 vs. Peach County 54

BJ Wright 20p 4r 3b

Ridley Tyler 14p 3r 3s

Dea’Quan Wright 11p 3r


Davion James 14p 4r

Clark Jaquers 9p

Edric Bailey 8p 4r


NOV. 16, 2018

Howard 57 vs. Southwest 46

Kelvin Burrell 16p 7r

Collin Tarver 13p 3a 2s


Semar Nixon 9p

Alontae Tarver 7p 6r

Mount de Sales 42 vs. Lake Oconee 41

Kobe Sewell 15p


NOV. 15, 2018

Middle GA GHSA Power Poll

(By: @HypesouthMedia)

1. Upson Lee (0-0)

2. Wilkinson County (0-0)

3. Warner Robins (0-0)

4. Baldwin (0-0)

5. Washington County (0-0)

6. Northeast-Macon (0-0)

7. Westside-Macon (0-0)

8. Dublin (0-0)

9. Macon County (0-0)

10. Howard (0-0)

On the Bubble:

GMC, Central-Macon, Houston County, Mary Persons, Northside-WR, Wilcox