Macon, Georgia — Another Unsigned Hype Camp is in the the books and we’re back with our team-by-team breakdowns. We take pride in evaluating each kid that attends our camps for a multitude of reasons. Every year there are a few prospects that make names for themselves and this year was no different. Follow along as we dive into Team 3.




Daniel Bennett, Class of 2024, Southwest-Macon

Bennett displayed good footwork with his back to the basket and showed he could consistently knock down jumpers free throw line extended. At 6-foot-4, he’s a reliable inside-out threat.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Jaleel Jordan, Class of 2024, Jones County

The improvement in Jordan’s overall game jumped off the screen. He was more efficient offensively, competed hard on the defensive end, and was noticeably more athletic. The available senior earned camp standout notoriety from our staff.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Cameron Rembert, Class of 2025, Westside-Macon

Rembert’s productivity didn’t pop off the screen, but he was steady during live scrimmages. The heady point guard made sure, fundamentally sound decisions all day.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Tyson Smith, Class of 2026, Houston County

Smith was a ball of energy each game. He stayed attached to opponents full court and got out in transition at every opportunity.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Keadon Knight, Class of 2025, Rutland

There wasn’t anything anyone could do once Knight put his head down and went downhill. He understands angles, absorbed contact, and finished tough in the paint.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Bryson Carter, Class of 2025, Westover

Carter is a confident shooter that was comfortable letting it go in any situation. He made good on stop-&-pop pullups on the break and drilled stand still shots off drive & kicks.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Omar Neal, Class of Class of 2025, Washington County

We liked what we saw from Neal. He flaunted a tight handle and was fearless taking contact on penetration opportunities. Tough, hard-nosed point guard.

Unsigned Hype Camp

Brandon Hill, Class of 2026, Northeast-Macon

Hill was one of the more fundamentally sound players in attendance. He’s cool and methodical in his attack and understands the game on both ends.

Unsigned Hype Camp