Macon, Georgia – Our unsigned camp series is a great way to gain visibility and gear up heading into the school ball season. We’re in the middle of in-depth position breakdowns from camp and here are the part two evaluations for the guards.

Miah Barkley 2023, Zaria Wilson 2024, Samiya Morris 2024, Mary Persons

Barkley is a quick, athletic guard that played with some pep in her step. The combination of athleticism and toughness allow her to adapt in just about any basketball setting. She got end-to-end within the blink of an eye and continually applied pressure pushing the ball at every opportunity. This multi-sport athlete (basketball, track) could be attractive to lower-level college programs looking to put together a dual scholarship package.

Wilson’s (headline photo) hard work is starting to reflect in her game. She is a different player now compared to a couple years ago. Her jump-shot, specifically, from the three-point stripe has tremendously improved. The quiet, fiery competitor has also made noticeable strides handling the ball.

Morris is a little sparkplug that loves to mix it up and is willing to sacrifice her body going after 50-50 balls. She is an underrated passer with a high basketball-IQ. Mary Persons is a team to keep an eye on with these young ladies in the fold.

Atiana Gilcrist 2024, Peach County

Gilcrist was all business on the court. Her no nonsense approach jumped out and prompted teammates to fall in line. Everything considered, she is a low maintenance player that led by example.


Madyson Jones 2026, Houston County

Coming from middle to high school is always dicey when it comes to young athletes, but Jones appears to be making a seamless transition. She stood out at team camp in June and her showing at Unsigned Hype Camp was just as impressive. Houston County will have to endure a personnel overhaul this season, but Jones’ presence might take some of the sting out.